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27 Apr


Is there a test we can run to show this making IPNS lookups faster? When publishing and resolving an IPNS address even with this option enabled it takes 1 minute or longer to resolve.

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5 May ▶ leerspace


It is mentioned in the release note that "you can subscribe to updates of an IPNS entry" but the question is how to that ?


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5 May ▶ nmeskini


It happens automatically behind the scenes when both peers (publishing and resolving peer) have started their daemon with ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment --enable-namesys-pubsub. You should be able to see the subscription after resolving the first time when doing ipfs pubsub ls. The subscription should be listed as /ipns/$PEER_ID

5 May


I got this error
ERROR ipns-repub: Republisher failed to republish: failed to find any peer in table core.go:517

ipfs name publish /ipfs/QmYuWGLtu2fwTBMyt9LWJw212PBdMm2uDchub4rHqkHPg3
Error: failed to find any peer in table

ipfs --version
ipfs version 0.4.15-rc1